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No secrets here, we want to make sure that you get a good understanding of the way we rank your website.

It is all about having the right online marketing strategy that will suit your needs.

Seo Wizards specialises in helping local businesses and bigger companies to make sure you benefit from a measurable return on investment (ROI) using safe and measurable search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies. We are highly experienced in:

  • Delivering number one results for the most competitive key phrases.
  • Australian and Local WA SEO.
  • Risk free, safe White Hat strategies. We make sure you get to the top and benefit from the best practices in the industry for the long term.
  • Safe link building and partner link consolidation that help your rankings and drives qualified traffic to your website. We won’t damage your company’s online reputation.
  • Quality reporting with a focus on results. We make sure you understand what we are doing at Seo Wizards by providing meaningful recommendations aligned with your search strategy.

SEO Explained?

We provide professional SEO services to help your organic search rankings and make sure they deliver highly qualified traffic. Organic results do not have an associated cost which means the traffic your website receives from natural search is free and, therefore, should be at the center of your online strategy. We have a good understanding of keyword research and competitive approach and will not neglect the high converting/low search volumes keywords to funnel high converting traffic to your website.

SEO’s main goal is to deliver quality visits using targeted non-branded key phrases.

  • Qualified visitors are looking for your products/services on the web and are most likely to engage with your company.
  • Broad qualified key phrases usually convert into inquiries or sales.
  • This brings new business that was not looking for your products/services or immediately considering your brand name.

Qualitative broad keywords usually contain a broad key phrase associated with a geo-targeted keyword. For example: ‘mining companies in WA’

What is Google Expecting from your website to Rank High?

Google’s ranking algorithm is all about Relevance, Authority and Usability Optimisation. New generation Search engines are looking for the most relevant content from the most trusted authorities on a certain subject and are awarding the top spot in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS) to the website combining all these factors.

Relevance means quality and content and natural on-page optimisation 

The key phrases you wish to rank for must be found throughout your content in order to please Google’s algorithm and to give your site relevance in your field. This has to be done carefully as nowadays the main reason for ranking algorithmic penalties is over-optimised on-page content. We have all already seen a website over-using a certain keyword or key-phrase in order to increase its relevancy. We do recommend to have a quality approach here and write your content for humans (conversions) and not for search engines. Our qualified copywriters will make sure your main keywords are spread in your copy. Keyword research is the most important step after establishing the right strategy tailored to your marketing needs.

Keyword Research

  • We want to meet you! This always starts with a meeting to determine your domain of activity and the keywords you think your potential customers are using to find your services or products.
  • From this interview we use the keywords gathered to expand using a set of SEO keyword tools (Google Keyword planner, keywords scrapers like ubersuggest and long tail keyword finder softwares)
  • A list of the most relevant key phrases is then created and sorted by monthly local searches. We do not neglect the long tail high converting terms as they are usually easier to go for at first and can bring qualified traffic.
  • This in-depth competitive analysis is a good way for us to know more about your competitors and come up with a strategy to beat them.

A skilled SEO consultant knows how to:

  • Search Volume per Month
  • The competition for a selected key phrase and thus the difficulty of rankings for these keywords
  • The potential value for your business in term of traffic.

Link Building for Trust/Authority

Google page Rank and Trust Factor ExplainedAuthority is a recent concept in the SEO industry which can be thought of as trust. It is transferred to your web site or blog from other websites, which are already trusted by Google. Authority is transferred to your website through links such as this one.

These links must follow Google general quality guidelines and come from niche authoritative websites. This is our mission as SEO professionals to identify the right partners and establish links with a good SEO value for your online campaign.

The anchor text, which is the text that you see in the hyperlink (most of the time in blue) is the best way to pass some good “SEO juice” to another website by helping it to rank for a certain key-phrase. However the way professionals in the industry link to other websites as been abused over the years and Google tends to penalise anchor-text over-optimisation. This is why it is always good to use the services of a white-hat search engine optimization company for your business.

Tips: Stay away from link exchange pages. They were probably useful a few years ago but Google is now seeing them as a manipulative link exchange way.

What rankings can I achieve, is there a certain time frame?

As opposed to Adwords CPC system, Organic optimisation is a long term process and it is important to acknowledge that some keywords will obviously be more competitive than others.

  • No agency can guarantee #1 SEO rankings. Be careful with rankings oriented companies and be sure to read the Google SEO Guidelines.

Smart Reporting Outlining Potential Campaign Improvements

Be careful of companies providing 100% automated SEO reports. At Seo Wizards, we see online marketing reporting as a great way to share our knowledge with customers and provide them with meaningful reports which will add value to reaching the defined goals.

You will find a lot of companies only reporting on rankings or keyword positioning. At Seo Wizards, we consider that quality reporting involves quality filtering on your search traffic in order to reveal the real results which are the volume of traffic driven by non branded key phrase and your top landing pages (which pages people reach when entering your website). Reporting on keyword ranking increase is what a lot of agencies are doing and this doesn’t show how successful a web marketing campaign is.

Want to know more about How Seo Wizards can help your company?

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